Want to learn coping mechanisms as a jobbing actor? or develop your performance and speaking skills?


Eager to introduce more sustainable habits in your everyday and working life?


Needing to speak to another dyslexic about how to manage obstacles?

Whatever it may be,

I'm here and I'm happy to help!

Through personal one-to-one sessions, we can talk through your area of uncertainty and map out your next steps ahead.


I will help you set intentions and goals in your field of interest and provide support along the way - all in empowering and ambitious environment.

I am a working actress who is keen on helping other aspiring performers finding balance and the confidence to navigate within the turbulent industry. 


I am a passionate sustainability activist passionate about encouraging both individuals and brands to adopt more sustainable habits. 

I am a proud dyslexic, eager to offer a helping hand, an open ear and an advisory counsel to a fellow dyslexic.



Think of me as a hybrid between a big sister a counsellor and a tutor!

Fill in the contact form below if you are interested in discussing more..

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Drop Jess and Ellie at United Agents a line if you are interested in speaking more (they are very friendly!)

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Illustrations by the marvellous Mary