a look at my first 'plastic free july'

Hello there again! 

I am writing this in the early hours of the morning. its always seems to be here: 3, 4, 5am where I am able to garner and construct my most pleasant sounding sentences. 

With a body of sleep on my back, I feel able to plough through my thoughts in almost clear vision; piecing together remedies to problems like the last parts of a puzzle. 

It all feels okay at this time; with a brand-fresh-spanking-new day ahead of me, nothing feels insurmountable. Like the phrase: ‘it will all be okay in the end; if its not okay,  its not the end’. Yes, we may wake to an issue, but we have a day to solve it; we have an entire day to mend any trivialities pending on our agenda. Knowing this, makes it SO much more reassuring and less daunting when beginning the tackle. 

Its raining right now (something surprisingly out of the ordinary for London), which kind of embroiders the ‘cleansing’ note I'm trying to sing...its rather poetic of me, isn't it- no?


This, some what rather somber tone was brought on from reflecting on how these months (specifically July) have gone. Although i've been busy and experiencing new exiting things its also proved challenging.

Truth be told I felt defeated after partaking in ’Plastic Free July' this year. The concept of not using single use plastic is not new to me; I have been trying to do this every month since realising the demonstrative effect plastic had on our environment (DID YOU KNOW that only 7% of every piece of plastic ever made has been recycled? and that 79% of it resides in landfills?). 

Irritatingly it could not have been an easier year (apart from all those years when we didn't have plastic..oh the haven land it must have been) to embark in this activity. Never has it ever (bar the caveman era ecetera) been more accommodating and convenient for participants to embark on this challenge. Plastic as you know has been the front/back/side/headline act of all the tabloids this year yet I still managed to meet numerous hurdles over the course of my month. It really made me realise how mighty this beast, this not-so-jolly-poly-beast, is. It really brought to light for me how fixed systems are as well as how much I had underestimated my personal dependancy and disposal of plastic. 

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