a love note to pumpkins..

devoirs OR 'homework'...french and pretty self explanatory..

Homework this time around is to try and squeeze as much use as possible from the years ample pumpkin harvest. As you can see from the affiliate links and captivating facts I've included above (and below...!!) in this hhh, there is an enormous amount of wastage in this squash sector but simply numerous things to do with with the gourd. other than typical decapitate, gut, carve and chucking process, save this delight from unjust death in landfill.  I'm inviting you to challenge your perception of the pumpkin and what you think of its 'waste' (as remember; everything but the stalk!!) and to try and treat your squash in more resourceful and inventive way. 

You can go all out and take a trip to a local pumpkin patch or just wander to your local supermarket to pick your squash like friends. Get inventive or have a gander through your favourite chefs sites and whip up a creative concoction. You'll be amazed with the wealth of recipes out there...I only had a little search on the world wide web for some interesting recipes and found a heap! 

If you're stuck how to get the best for your buck with a jack'olantern (pumpkin which has had a candle inside) save the insides when hollowing and try some of these recipes:

- Spice up cooking with some PUMPKIN SALT!? -

- Save and roast the seeds with seasonings for salads -

- Scrub and chop the skin up real small (more info here) and make some colourful looking crisps! -

As well as the above, unlit gourds can be used as ingredients for the following recipes too!

- Scoop the flesh out for vibrant vegetable curries and stews. -

- Steam, bake and sweeten the insides and made a tradition thanksgiving pumpkin pie. -

- Stuff the insides with WHATEVER takes your - 

Make something that you would never think of doing otherwise - you'll feel so utterly resourceful and considerate. You can even showcase these ethical efforts to family and friends by hosting a #pumpkinrescueparty 

So there is all sorts you can try and someone to everyones go on! get picking' and get savalgin'! (AND NO...ordering a plastic coated pumpkin spice latte from barista chains do NOT count!)

Auf Wiedersehen!

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