a perfect trip to 'package free'

sites à voir aka 'sights to see' -  spots one must drag themselves too. Dedicated to sights i've seen and places i've amalgamation of various wanderings!

Getting the delight of making a family trip over to the US of A last month was purely amazing. I saw oodles of friendly faces, famous sites, frantic subways and even the fantastic Fenway park! (#goredsoxgo). Whilst over and across the pond I went to 'Package Free'; a wonderful lifestyle shop situated in the heart of Brooklyn. The store features and "sells sustainable, green, eco friendly, plastic free products to help you live a zero waste, minimalist, and low impact lifestyle."

Not only is the place run by my hero Lauren Singer, but it exceeded all and every expectation I had. 

If you are a curious soul and ever in the big apple I very recommend a peak inside. But, I warn you - if your of the eco-green-bean folk you'll find it difficult to peel yourself away from this gem. Being an avid user of my stainless steel water bottle, I collected a rather bemusing looking water bottle cleaner. It looks rather hilarious and resembles more of a toilet cleaner, BUT I needed it  (because we need clean water, its like, basic science guys) and know I will get lots of use from it too. 

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