a real tutti-fruti collection of sweets this month..

choisissez n mélange...or pick n mix' -  Somehow calling this department of the newsletter something other than 'monthly favourites', "things I've been loving" or 'weekly recommendations!' makes this seem a little less youtubey and beauty blogger-esq; but its basically the same. Also, having it in French made it seem more bearable too?!

This edition brings with it many treasures and must-trys/gets/go dos! See below for a smacking list of stunning items..  

Despite the difficulty I encounter on my PFJ month: my fantastically-unplastically-plastic-free-july tool kit (okay, I’ll the hyphenates will seiss now) ultimate favourite was my stojo cup. It collected many quires and compliments from baristas when presenting it in coffee shops.

Cool, collopsable and convenient, CHECK them out here

Despite juggling more, I have not let 'the education of my art' slip (i.e. catching up on all of the best tv/films/cinema releases etc..). Luckily I have come across some real gems which you can likewise amuse yourself with:

-Silent Child, not only did it win the Oscar this year for best short film, written, produced and starred in by  the talented Rachel Shenton, but it is a fascinating and beautifully articulates what must be a challenging thing. Film proves that deafness in children is not granted enough attention and thought in the education system. It is short, simple and superb. 

-FUN HOME at the young vic was jsut one of the best and most pleasantly surprising piece of theatre I have seen this year. Quirky and complain, fun but fresh and complex too. I saw it with my best bud Anna and we felt all ages could watch and relate to the cute, clever musical. 

-watch THATS NOT ME  or LIBERAL ARTS or INGRID GOES WEST all über nice, hilariously funny, 'easy' ways to use an evening.

- Billie Jean King's Desert Island Disc episode. King first became apparent to me after Emma Stones' portrayal of the Olympic tennis champ in BATTLE OF THE SEXES (another great flick) but it wasn't until listening to her answers of to Kirstys' artfully grilling questions that I realised just how amazing she is. It was so honest, wise and inspiring. Billie Jean's a true-trooper and force to be reconned with (even though 'retired' from the game). She was firm and confident but spoke with such honesty that it was still tender and encouraging to follow the feature.  

-if you fancy treating (and educating) your sublime ears, then give   Joe Rogan's podcast on sleep, with Dr Matthew Walker a go, too.  I cannot reiterate just how striking this recording was. As someone who really dismisses sleep as a necessity (, it really challenged  my perception  of a good ol'fashioned kip. In fact, it held such a bountiful amount of information, I'm going to continually re-listen to it when I'm in a rut of fatigue.  

-listen to the interview of Yomi Adegoke and Elizabeth Uviebinené  on their new book 'SLAY IN YOUR LANE' on The HighLow Podcast here. In full, the title reads 'Slay in Your Lane: A Black Girls Bible' and so at first, I ignorantly thought that the episode wouldn't apply to me or my life. But it was rather the opposite; I found it painfully informative and I'm sure others listeners would too. Yoni and Elizabeth clearly articulate the vast about of discrimination black females still face in almost every stream of their lives. How as a society, we feel we've progressed so much since the 50s and yes, we may have abolished thinking and dropped laws but this isn't properly reflected into life. specifically the workplace. DID YOU KNOW that only 8% of university professors are black? and of the 8% only 0.49% are female?!

My last, but by no means least love of all [in this edition of happy helpful homework, mind you!] would have to be this treasure. There are so many things right with this natural deodorant. Besides the fact that the subtle, soft scent reminds me of what Beyonces' natural oder must be is just a fabulous all rounder (get it - because its a tube?! like round?!?!!).

Alluminium? Not a smidge!  Vegan? Yep Natural? YES  Wonderfully smelling? You got it!  Responsibility packaged? Uh-huh (ITS completely made from paper) Solid and soap based**? YES PLEASE THANK YOU AND GOODBYE (**the earth and your precious pits do not have time for aerosols : click here for more info!)

Plus it actually WORKS! Natural deodorants have a bad rep at being cumbersome and supremely ineffective. Personally, I've gone through numerous concoctions which have all timely failed on me and honestly  deodorant is NOT something you want to skimp on. 

And now Audrey will now not be holding her nose when she passes you. 

You're welcome.

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