a (virtual) afternoon tea party with the Prince of Wales 💁🏼‍♀️☕️ 🍰🌷

Just waiting for my guests...🌷



In other circumstances I would have been having a much different set up. I could have been chuckling away and chucking back cucumber sandwiches with the queen..but alas, no. Not now. 🐈

This month, as part of the @nationaltrust’s 125th anniversary celebrations, there was to be a joyus royal garden party at Buckingham Palace ☕️ 🍰🌷 Though clearly, recent events have made this impossible to go ahead and although this is obviously for the better it is sad that I (like all the other invitees) cannot attend this special event. 💌

BUT! it does not mean we cannot commemorate this organisations wonderful work these past years! 🎁🎊🥂🎉 It has been very clear that over these past weeks and months (goodness knows how we are approaching JUNE tomorrow) nature has proved to be so incredibly helpful to all of us - both physically and mentally. 🕊 The@nationaltrustopened some of its green spaces earlier this month (strictly following government protocol) in aid of offering us access to fresh air and nature within their centres. 🌳

Though just because the party cant happen doesn’t mean it it doesn’t happen…teahehe.. So i bring the party to me! The trust is hosting a VIRTUAL afternoon tea (so whiz so tech! 🖥) instead so ive created this spread for my family (yes i did build that cake stand out of old carboard#upcyclingqueen) to enjoy with me. 🥳

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