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choisissez n mélange (which means 'pick n mix' for all you NON frenchies) -  Somehow calling this department of the newsletter something other than 'monthly favourites', "things I've been loving" or 'weekly recommendations!' makes this seem a little less youtubey and beauty blogger-esq; but its basically the same. Also, having it in French made it seem more bearable too?!

Something I have been REALLY Enjoying these past weeks has been the weather. For any of those  not in the UK or have miraculously not heard so from any Brits up to this point - but we have been gifted some marvelous weather recently! The sun has truly started to show its beaming face upon us. Albeit this has been paired with many a heavy showers, but hey - you gotta take the ying with the yang..or the yang with the ying. Nevertheless its illumination of our green spaces has been an AMAZING lift to everyone's mood and faces here. 

This change in weather has propelled most people, myself included, to look at their closets and its possible gaps for the season. I say 'gaps' as i'm not one to particularly subscribe to the fast fashion seasonal trends as I simply view it as a marketing strategy for us to spend more. Cynical, I know, but TRUE. Saying this, I have succumbed to buying some wonderful wears over the last weeks....but from charity shops and conscious brands. It can be daunting at first, but it teaches an improved and thoughtful behavior of purchasing. Your purchases are made carefully as you watch what you're investing your money into. This naturally brings with it an increased worth to the item; heightens its value and consequently your treatment of it. 

Other than my hunting in many-a-charity shops, I have enjoyed consuming LOTS of different times of literature on the clothes and brands...

In light of my previous edition, there was a an article published by the London Evening Standard last week on the plastics within our clothes. To allow for 'fast fashion' to survive its thrives itself on using 'new' and artificially made fabrics are derived from plastics (all of the poly-what nots). The piece states that tiny plastics particles from our clothes are released into the atmosphere, absorbed by our skin and pry their way into our lungs. This scary concept seems vast but is all the more reckoning with the fact that every single piece of plastic ever made still exists today. These teeny tiny pieces of plastic could very well stay situated in our bodies for the rest of our lives...  It is all a little daunting and overwhelming but reaffirms the impact we have on the world. 

The third glorious find I stumbled upon was this podcast on one of the co-founders of veja.

Veja is a front runner in sustainable practice and produce, something which I was familiar with from having a pair of their sneakers which I loved DEARLY and wore to their dying day. But after listening to this episode of Wardrobe Crisis by Claire Press, I discovered that the brand is so unbelievably sustainably efficient and effective. It was so inspiring to hear such a hard earned story from one of there co creators of the beautiful store. Hearing how they really worked veja from the ground up, slowly and the tortoise! 

Sébastien Kopp and François-Guislain Morillion persistently sought at creating a company which was as ethical as possible, as harmless to the environment and its workers as possible. I talk more about reasons why I found Veja perfectly perfect here

I urge you to download and give this episode a listen to. Whether you're interested in green fashion and conscious consumerism or even if your looking at it from a business perspective; there is something to be learned from the conversation recorded. 

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