be fantastic with no plastic!

It seems as if March marched itself straight off to April quite unexpectedly before my eyes; leaving me a quarter way through the year rather disorientated and bothered. In spite of  this though,  I feel as if 2018  has brought with it a wealth of promising eco initiatives into the forefront of the publics attention...getting me giddy like:

Now much of these promises have been in relation to the HUGE issue of plastic and our use (or abuse) of the substance. It should be of no surprise that we are all guilty culprits of embedding plastic far to deeply into our daily lives. 

na-ah ALL GUILTY. (Anyone who is sucker for a great show tune will get that film reference right there)

Our days are drenched in the thing, from the moment we wake up, to the minute we fall asleep; from dawn to dusk; where we go, it goes; like two peas in a pod; inseparable; partners in crime, bonnie and clyde; romeo and get the gist.. Jokes aside - ULTIMATELY we are whole heartedly reliant on the fabric; we brush our teeth with it, we wash our plates with it, we hang our clothes with it, we store our toiletries in it, we put our money in it, we sip, drink and down our drinks through it, we keep our food in it... Time and time again we fall on learned habits; relying on the connivence of plastic and remain blissfully ignorant of our dire, film-covered future.

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