bin the bin!

devoirs OR 'homework' for you non French speakers..

A year ago I got rid of my bin. From doing so, I quickly recognised that I could reduce most of my waste to recyclables (and organic composting matter/food scraps etc). By making this leap of using one bin (my recycling bin) and removing the 'convenience' of disposing my rubbish, I began to make more mindful decisions with products and their value to me. Additionally, it urged me to change my behaviour and identify key places where I could and should improve my relationship with plastic. This however, was much harder, as it is very difficult to relinquish the dependance completely within our current fast-paced, city based ill start you off easy!

Try to reduce the number of bins in your household!

Bedrooms and workspaces mainly exude plastic, paper and sometimes glass or aluminium waste. All which can easily recycled and so can be an easy place to start.

Empty bathroom cabinet products (face creams, toilet rolls, cleaning bottles etc) are although all plastic products, can all be recycled too, once rinsed and separated. Split your bin (seen in the image above) first and then try to make the recycles the dominant segment.  

Kitchens are harder as there is usually a wider mix of materials entering the space. For example your punnet of tomatoes may be in a plastic box which can be recycled, but a plastic foil which is not. This means three bins: recycling, compost and landfill.  If you can't switch to being plastic free and buying your tommie toms in a brown paper bag tied up with string...haha..then try to make the bin you send to landfill a really teeny tiny one. Perhaps don't even have one - but make yourself a temporary one (tupplewear box would suffice) to empty when full at your closest bin. This bin could be your own household exterior one, your neighbours (but ask politely before!) or the one at the top of your road. Try to make it a little uncomfortable to access though. We release disposable products into our environment like carbon dioxide because of the ease and convince of it. If you make it a little difficult, you consequently push yourself to question the need for the potently packaged item. 

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