Its become a ritual for me, to take myself off to Edinburgh Fringe for some few years now. Its a dynamic, loud, BUSY, sticky and raining collection of weeks punched into every August. Three full days of fringe is enough to send you sidewides and leave you senseless..and SCENTLESS (the SMELL of some of the venues! the sights your eyes are bruised with and the sounds your ears endure! shhh-eeiish.)

This year took no change to my now-customary summer routine and I headed off slightly later on in the festival than usual with a bag packed with clothes for all the seasons and a schedule FULL of greatly anticipated and wonderfully reviewed shows.

I saw some great things. Some mediocre and some startling, too.

Edinburgh does not seise to surprise me every year, with its shows, its progressiveness (loving the nods to sustainability this year team fringe!) though mostly its PRICE. How did theatre get so darn expensive?! Who would have thought..ha ha

CAVE SISTERS with Jessie and Bebe Cave

First and cutest show I saw at Edinburgh this year. An onsightful, humorous, clever and sad collection of sketches, all rolled up into one heck of a promising show. (This was a work-in-progress piece, so the pair read from notebooks and often struggled with lines and prop changes...which made it even more endearing and fun for th!)

'POST POPULAR' with Lucy Muck.


FLO + JOAN, with Flo and Joan

Very entertaining sibling'd duo. After seeing them oodles over the internet and tv screens these past few years I was greatly looking forward to this performance ** PLUS I LOVED THE CIRCUS venue **. Giggled and chuckled throughout. I was surprised at just how good the pair were and how endlessly pleased I was to have made it to their 2019 fringe show. Never dull or boring and nothing like I've seen before! I would so, totally, utterly go again and again to see the two perform! They are talents and ones to watch, hear and talk about!

SNITCH with Rhys James

RHYS is pronounced Reece, which I learnt a week before after listening to a podcast with the comedian (very good one be tea double you). I actually accidentally went to this show. Although i had booked it before coming, I had mistook this comedian for another comedian..they all look the same...they are comedians are COMEALIANS with each other. BUT I was, I am, glad I did as it was a hour of many a laugh from a many! I will try and see him again with fellows who equally enjoy a bit of dry wit.

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