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A few weeks ago I was whole heartedly inspired by the work of the ultra colour beams @heartzeena and @talliwall via their instagram initiative and 'rainbow challenge. They urged their friends, family and followers to create a colourful rainbow on their own feed. This delightfully bright project was set up in aid of creating a #rainbowofhope on the grid, similar to that seen on our windows. 🌈

Wanting to exercise my creativity in these 'locked down' times I jumped on this bandwagon - with my own little, personal spin. I was motivated after seeing the wonderful and wildly imaginative images from @pipjolley to take my daily colour themed outfits a step further by recreating beloved colourful characters from our screens 📺

I had hope of it being an #instarainbow of #colourfulcharacters ! and I wanted to share further detail into the production prompts beihind my choice...

The first day of the challenge was RED. RED, HOT FIESTY ROUGE. ❤️🔥🌹💋🍷

Featuring the sustainable likes of:


👕@bashparis (second hand and borrowed from sis)

My idea was to start with something vintage. I was going to go for Jessica Rabbit from WHO FRAMED RODGER RABBIT..

But I thought that a little too sultry for a Monday morning...

So I opted for something still vintage and a little less well known! I knew I wanted to celebrate and highlight my preexisting (thanks mum and dad xoxo) red hair for this day so thought of famous gingers and famous films...

I decided on the iconic Rita Hayworth from Gilda.

The second day was slightly easier. A little bit more obvious with it being ORANGE. (Saying that I did get the idea for the role i'd impersonate from my sister...)

I wanted to use this #colourfulcharacter series of mine to explore different looks and personalities. To explore different roles I could play and interpret as an actor. Someone a bit stern and blunt isn't my usual type cast so it was fun to look at how I could weave this type of person into my week..therfore Alex from OITNB seemed a perfect fit!


My pink day was definitely an opportunity to do a blast from the past. Or a party from the past...yeah lets go with the later..

I say party because it was SO FUN to embody and try to replicate someone who i idolised BEYOND BELIEF during my pre-teen years. Of course I was going to go for the ORIGINAL millennial pink hero that is Lizzie Mcquire. I had such an affinity and love for this American Girl back in the early 2000s. Borderline obsession, yes. But what can I say, I'm a passionate girl. I wanted to pay homage to the glorious character who gave my 8 year old self such spirit and life.

I also, obviously wanted to do the planet buns.

👕 @lisataylor_design (100% recycled sari silk!)

Thursday was Yellow day. My Favourite day(!) Looking aback on it, I could have had fun in photoshop and replicated the iconic Wez Anderson // Natalie Portman vision that is seen in TRT e.g. -

But I opted for something a little bit more retro, childish and befitting for my current wardrobe. I thought thoroughly before suddenly realising i had a wonderful yellow anorak at my disposal. I did some searching (thanks google, thanks pinterest x) and quickly found my fave 2004 flick; HARRIET THE SPY.

GOD this character is a classic. Her ruthless ambition and motivation is something to be celebrated for SURE. She is a little merciless in her desire to achieve her goals but I love her hunger and hunt for her dreams. Its actually quite a premature decision, for the writer to create such a level headed and intelligent young female during the age it was written. Wait, was it written by a woman? *goes to check* YEP. OFC this could not have been written by a man. Its way to REAL and REPRESENTATTIVE of true character. OMG im now in love with Louise Fitzhugh. Kudos Louise, Kudos!! Bit more of a novel Scout Finch cc To Kill a Mockingbird.

Wanted to also further my playing age with this one - ha! Such an actors things to say !

Friday brought my favourite film, Ladybird and the most natural colour for me. I sot of blurred the lines with this one..but THIS INSPO image she IS wearing Green.

sort of just wanted the oppotuniry to dress up as my favourite role in my favourite film. A sort of creative fan expression...

Plus I got to play with photoshop a little more (hashtag - you best know i was rinsing the most of what my 7 day free trial brought me), hence the purple hair! haha

More sustainable pieces from my wardrobe.

👕 - ebay @commedesgarcons

🧥 -@vaute_nyc

SATURDAY was the day of BLUE and was also, so so much fun. I knew I wanted to implement someone with such sass and attitude into this #colourfulcharacter week. So before choosing my characters for each coloured day I did some browsing (im a preplanned if you hadn't already guessed..yes i am also a capricorn)

The searching brought me this delight

Ugh what FUN! I tried to do my best screw and p'd off smirk.

🧥 - borrowed from @bryonymccrostie (share your clothes! that's sustainable and resourceful people!)

The last day should have been more aptly been blue, because it was saddening to bring an end to this colour - filled #instarainbow week. But alas, it was the more provocative cousin of the colour - and coated in a purple hue.

Again, I was stuck for what I had in my wardrobe - I've always been told ginger locks and lilac do NOT go well together...which I can appreciate but will not really accept because an abstinence from colour is an abstinence from life.

But mauve is a colour right? and mauve I did have. In sustainable silky sports bra form.

👙 -@girlfriend

I went with the devilish Yzma from another childhood fave 'The Emperors New Groove' and I think it was my most accurate embodiment.

What do you think?

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