hello, i'm an actress and i'm dslexsick

Some of you may know (I dont half hark on about it, do i?) but I am Dyslexic. Some of you may also know, that I am an actress too. I have also been described as "strange" "film fanatic" "ginger" ""odd" "peculiar" - and my favourite: "like a walking time out".

Although Dyslexia is part of me; it does not define who I am.

I also do not let it limit me from pursuing my career. Once you find ways of copying and managing your dyslexia you realise it no longer needs to be a barreier to success, it can actually help you secure the path you want to take. When Harnessed Dyslexics can acheive great, great things - did you know that 40% of self made millionaries are Dyslexic?

I was delighted when the BDA asked if I would tell my story, my experience with the learning difficulty at their #Dyslexiacreates event amongst an array of other professionals. Not only was it a delight to be speaking at the wonderful V&A museum (best museum EVER), but I was in the company of a selection of other dyslexics - all of whom were different in their disciplines, but held a similarity in being supremely talented and excelling within their chosen careers. (A PHD holder, a musician, a choreographer, a dancer, an architect AND a composer).

Having such a variety it speakers proved only further that this ‘disability’ does not have to stop you from achieving your goals. Once one finds coping mechanisms and ‘hacks’; ways of harnessing their Dyslexia and finding what works for THEM (yes even if its doing strange memory techniques 🎎 or reading with coloured glasses 🤓✌🏻), there is no reason for it to limit you.

Dyslexia is a difference, not a disorder. Dyslexia is an alteration, not an achilles heel. Dyslexia is a benefit, not a barrier. Lets get people, teachers, governments, companies, businesses, family, friends, neighbours CLUED UP on this, to CHANGE their systems, teachings and approaches to SUPPORT every type of learner in the room.

If you want to read more about me spilling the beans on dyslexia and acting have a delve into my article on the

AND if you want to hear more about me speaking about my dyslexia, you can listen TWO podcasts with me nattering away on the "CODPAST" and "DYSLEXIA IS OUR SUPERPOWER"

Photos - @auren_photography & @elizabetharifien & Dyslexia is our superpower

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