hold up


thought so.

I am not letting myself neglect this please be utterly delighted to find your latest installment below...! A mixture and catch up is the theme for this piece...

March was a slow month after my #28playslater challenge..which yes - I DID complete! But I'm ready and raring to go with APRIL. This month, I'm working on my accents! A new one each day...eeek! So if you happen to overhear me muttering a Geordie chime ( attempt of the sound) then please, just ignore!

I will also be working to read more! Last year I was impressed with the number of books I managed to plow through, and this year I've been ill picking up my socks and getting stuck into a 400-pager! I have so many on my list to get through, so I will be prioritizing reading over youtube-video-gawking for sure.

But yes, this is a summation of things I've been doing, loving and looking forward to! I hope you also, enjoy.. 

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