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choisissez n mélange OR 'pick n mix' -  Somehow calling this department of the newsletter something other than 'monthly favourites', "things I've been loving" or 'weekly recommendations!' makes this seem a little less youtubey and beauty blogger-esq; but its basically the same. Also, having it in French made it seem more bearable too?!

Since I was given the chance to freely search, scour and scroll through the internet on my 11th birthday I've been a loyal youtube watcher. Over the past years I've been following many different kinds of youtube channels; I have gone through many phases. My first escapade into the field began in the beauty, which then quickly married to fashion and clothing, then into fitness and many TED talks, with a slow integration of more 'lifestyle' you tubers (aka the infamous 'vloggers'). I've whittled down my subscriptions now to my favourite; Yoga with Adriene, Lily Pebbles, Grackle, Trash is 4 Tossers and The Michalaks. 

Alongside Adriene's 30 day challenges and weekly Sunday uploads, it is The Michalaks, whose videos excite me most. It is a family of four who document their life over the course of the week in the simplest yet most captivating way. The cinematography is incomparable to competitors content. It is beyond superior and each video provides a fun, fresh and inventive insight into life and our world. Hannah and Stef's two little boys are also so, so, adorable. (Start at 15.31)

In their most recent video, the family express the dire level of wastage a pumpkin season generates. The family consequently take a trip their local pumpkin patch, salvage a gourd from an unjust dead  and create a decadent dish with their finds. 

If you follow the link from above and watch the video,  you can see the team making a 'ghoulish goulash'. I'm all for the endeavour as its seems to be aimed at urging viewers to follow suit and save their squashes by scanning for a suitable recipe on the KNORRS website. 

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