i demand you to unwrap yourselves!

this months devoirs (or 'homework' for the non french folks)

After unbuttoning the belly of a beast of my bin this month to identify the biggest culprits, tipping its contents out onto my counter top. I dissected, organised and recognised the areas four key areas where I seem to stumble:

-tea packaging (Very guilty of)

-plaster packaging (I am legitimately the clumsiest person you will ever meet)

-fruit/veg stickers (If we are seriously in a day and age that people can't identify an apple then surely nothing can help us)

-useless plastic wrapping (Literally useless, literally not my fault?!)

Yet now, knowing this; I can target and thus obliterate these hurdles from my plastic free path!! 

Make my own tea!

and don't fall over so often, Lauren. 

Buy better; refuse to purchase items with stickers on (they are out there)! Or you could always adopt the role of the deranged, stubborn protest worker: kicking and screaming on the supermarket floor, like a child denied ice cream in a summers park, until you roust up enough negative media coverage to put the store out of business?

My PFJ may not have been perfect, but life happened and at least I made the effort. Plus, now my efforts can extend further and become more effective (or effectively non-effective). 

In the last pages of her book, Dolly Alderton mentions something which I beluve chimes true with this too:

 “It is futile and knackering to try and make all your tiny choices representative of your moral compass then beat yourself up when this plan inevitably fails. Feminists can get waxed. Priests can swear. Vegetarians can wear leather shoes. Do as much good as you can. The weighty representation of the world cannot lie on every decision you make”

And so, lovely readers, find out what you can manage to do. Whatever it is, however small or slight you may think it is. Everything counts and if every one did their bit; it would make a tremendously triumphant difference. Make it manageable to your life and don't let it hang on your shoulders like a gloomy grey cloud.

Its a journey, its a process so don't beat yourself up about it. 

Perhaps try keeping your showers to 2 minutes or limiting the amount of times you use your washing machine? Water is a precious resource and our clothes do not need to be washed after every if you get yourself some of that fantabulous deodorant I mentioned, you won't be fuming in that area.

Find alternatives to products that arent helping the environment with their plastic ridden packaging for more eco friendly alternative. Make your soaps! I get gifted a new bundle every birthday from my super pal Sally Rose..this year was chamomile and lavender...mmm.

Swap out your sainsburys shop and opt for weekly/monthly eco delivery servies right to your door. Abel & Cole and Riverford are popular, but my favourite would have to be OddBox (more to come on this later for sure). 

Download the Olio app and share surplus food area your local area. From homeowners to coffee shops to nearby never know what you may find...and at a great cheap price too! 

Find and loose yourself on sustainable sites like 'whats your legacy' , 'content beauty wellbeing', 'anti-bad' and 'reformation' instead of trawling through asos for hours on end. 

SO how can you do your bit? need to and besides...its becoming EASY TO DO YOUR BIT which is fabulous and i love. so don't be lazy. 

LIKE you could even change up your tesco meal deal for one of these snazzy and eco friendly-wrapped, wraps from Peardrop - UH there is plastic free everywhere!  (not really, at all. in the slightest. at all. at all.) 

BUT yes! Thats a wrap kids!

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