i got no issue with noissueco.

If you are anything like me and your all time favourite festive activity is the act of gift giving, then boy do I have a treat in store for you!

Not only is the ‘hunt’ for the perfect present an endlessly exciting experience for this ginger nut; the practise of wrapping said item is as equally soul exhilarating. (Yes, I am as sad as I sound).

In a 2017 study, it was found that Brits are guilty in wrongfully discarding over 100 million rolls of wrapping paper, every year! Not only is this product a highly water exhaustive one, it is also viewed as single-use item. When really, if not ungraciously ripping and shedding to smitheries, they is no reason why you cant use your wrapping paper time and time again. The disposable mentality towards wrapping paper though - is something we can all relate to (indirectly or directly so); it always does seems to appear on the collective Christmas shopping checklist - in spite of the fact that you already have seven rolls stashed away in the cupboard. We routinely buy and discard of this item nonchalantly - without for a second contemplating the repercussions of doing so. 

Furthermore - shiny, eye catching prints are often riddled with hidden plastics, making them extremely difficult - if not impossible to recycle. In these cases, look to save and reuse them for the following year. There is always the option of wrapping your parcels this is way or in newspaper - but if you are wanting to impress your relatives or partners (the rustic newspaper look doesn’t bode well in revamping the hemp-or-potato-sack-wearing-vegan-sustainable image).. you will be delighted to discover ‘noissue’. 

Noissue’s’ prints and papers come in vibrant, simple and elegant styles to suit the gift-ee, meaning everyone and anyone will be impressed. Who knows, perhaps they’ll enjoy the paper more than the present..

The company also run an eco-packaging allowance which means they are partnered with various different organisations across the globe to help reforest-ate areas of threat, For every purchase made to them, they promise to plant trees in areas like Ghana, Vietnam, Haiti and Guatemala. Their papers are printed with soy ink, which are naturally derived for the soy bean. This makes a far greater, greener alternative to traditional inks as well as making the papers more easily recyclable. They work with businesses for their packaging and mail orders but also work as an amazing alternative as wrapping tissue. Patterns are customisable - giving you full reign on design, personalising it too if you wish. 

Though their sustainable intent is not limited to just this; with all of their papers being shipped to you in a compostable bags, helping promote planet protection in all areas of your life. 

Their compostable mailer is made from corn! How neat!

If you are a festive-time feign, your family’s designated Christmas decorator; or simply, a supreme sustainable enthusiast you will have no issues with noissue. (Check out and read more about their work here!) 

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