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sites à voir AKA sights to see' -  spots one must drag themselves too. Dedicated to sights i've seen and places i've amalgamation of various wanderings!

This glorious period brings us many jolly things, but it does seem to strip us of our time. So I understand that you may feel unable to accept the following as something you could engage with.

HAVING SAID THAT, the benefit of making the time to do this very thing is seemingly endless and not actually that costly to our time. It is simply abundant with positive notes and is not something of regret either!

This very thing I'm indicating to is volunteering. Charities; Safe houses'; Food banks; Care homes are places tight on resources and swamped under demand - so it is of no surprise that these places suffer drastically with the intensity of this holiday period.

Recurring issues which these organisations deal with daily (such as having enough staff and tending to those in need) are exacerbated. Consequently, the people in need most are being put aside as they cannot get the help they need and deserve.

But something I, you - we ALL can try to do this Christmas is offer a helping hand out to these organisations. By giving up some of our time (so hey, maybe we don't watch elf or Home Alone ten times this season and only two!) we can continue to support those less fortunate than us.

As I touch on above; Christmas is a wonderful, jubilant occasion - but brings up anxieties and fears and sadness in the best of us. We are constantly confronted with things we need, activities we must participate in, parties we need to attend, presents we must buy for her, him an them...its mentally, physically and emotionally exhaustive. No wonder its only an annual celebration; I hardly think we have the stomachs for it to appear more routinely .

SO! wouldn't it be grand if we could all crowbar an occasion to offer a lending hand? I have a little more time this year, so have pencilled in a several volunteering shifts in late December. Having said that, it can honestly be as simple and volunteering for one afternoon over the festive period at your local hospice/food bank or care home. Because, if we all did something, it would drastically help alleviate the strain these facilities are at the mercy of.

I hope I have instilled some motivation in you to search and seek out a suitable charity for you to donate your efforts to this season. But if you need a little more of guidance - have a click on the satellite image above and locate your nearest Trusell food bank.

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