iceland be the coolest grocer of them all

bonne chose OR 'good thing'  - someone or something doing good. A person of praise, conscious company or beautiful-wonderful-super duper brand

As always this section of hhh has a mighty great and full list of possible contenders. 

But this edition will feature Iceland, not the place but the the frozen food supermarket chain scattered around Europe. 

Iceland are making superb and leading strides towards being waste and plastic free. They have introduced numerous plant based, ethical products into their shelves and freezers to promote more sustainable, conciencious lifestyle habits and have recently adopted selling biodegradable chewing gum: Simply Gum. Moreover, they have made 90% of brand-own products plastic free and 100% recycled material!

Most excitingly though, in their Fulham store they have been trialing a reverse vending machine for plastic bottles. Customers place their used water bottles in the machine and receive a 10p voucher in return. Hello! Being paid for recycling?! Erm..Yes!? Thank you very much. #nobrainer #nodanger #lifechanger 

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Illustrations by the marvellous Mary