in light news #2

Marie Benoliel launched herself onto a recent Chanel event during Paris' fashion week. Gigi Hagid had escort the hilariously witty Parisian Youtuber off the runway before she caused too much of a ruckus. Reasons for Marie Benoliel's invasion remain still unclear.

The delightful Roma has extended is planetary protective behaviours beyond its water booth systems (see my previous notations on the glorious spot here). It has started issuing free travel tickets for recycling As an incentive to get commuters to act more environmentally friendly, ATAC (Italian Capitals Transport Company) has launched an system where travellers place their used and unwanted plastic bottles into a vending style machine in exchange for metro tickets. This serious no brainer on the travellers behalf sounds undeniable beneficial and a real win win. Though, more importantly I feel the companies efforts to offer such a scheme serves to only highlight how desperate and crucial these times are. We must act now and we must act FAST.

The renewable and eco friendly rental gown company 'hurt' have launched their very first temporary site. They are soon to initiate their own rental pop-up store in South West London this autumn. This is FANTASTIC in my books as I love the idea of usually preexisting, perfectly beautiful pieces. Need a swishy dress or tailored chic suit for a work gig/wedding/friends 30th/god daughters christening? Why not try HURR frocks and smocks for size then?! Instead of buying a new piece, rent something. Not only is it a fraction of the price, you help the environment and your pocket BUT! you get to try on and wear pieces that you would have never dreamed of (Molly Goddard, RIXO and Reformation are a few of the many premium items HURR has available to their customers).

Swing on by if you fancy a night on the town and playing dress up with friends, family and colleagues alike! HURR Collective Pop-up wlil run October 25 - November 29. Monday - Saturday 10:00-19:00 Sunday: 12:00-17:00

37-39 Elizabeth Street, Belgravia, London SW1W 9RP​

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