its new, its now, it nucao!

bonne chose OR 'good thing'  - someone or something doing good. A person of praise, conscious company or beautiful-wonderful-super duper brand


Like most festive periods, as the years creep on Easter becomes increasingly more commercialised and plasticised (becoming unequivocally inseparable; Laurel and Hardy, Bonny and Clyde, Tom & Jerry etc...) Its become a time of over production and subsequent stupefying waste . The packaging of Easter eggs as protection for the hollow goods - causing for a painful and pricey distribution of the goods. 

So it is no wonder that the eco-beans out there are too often stumped for choice this time of year with plastic ridden chocolate eggs coating every single supermarket isle two feet deep. Making a sustainable alternative seems near invisible and almost impossible to locate...


Nucao is a nice but nucleur powered confectionary based chocolate company which focuses on producing quality products without compromising the environment, its people and their health.🌍 Not only are they fair-trade, organic AND vegan BUT the' packaging on the bars are fully compostable and recyclable! PLUS for every bar sold they plan one tree! 🍫 = 🌳 Supporting companies like nucao shows how it IS possible AND it is easy to engage with sustainable habits in every aspect of our lives.

Hop onto the bandwagon and join the positive movement by making a sustainable step today! 

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