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bonne chose aka - 'good thing'  - someone or something doing good. A person of praise, conscious company or beautiful-wonderful-super duper brand.

My bank of dungarees pretty much act as my second layer of skin, so upon first discovery of Lucy and Yak, I was immediately sold. My longing for the entirety of their stylish and cosy collection only only enlarged when reading into the brands ethics and moral standpoint. 

Falling too quickly in love with brands and their clothes is a regularly occurrence for me, but this is more often than not weakened when investigating into the sustainability of the brands’ and impact it has on those involved with their process.  But Lucy & Yak’s wonderfully handsome clothes are paired with a firm conduct for a fair and transparent supply chain; something so vital yet so vacant in the majority of fashion names cladding the high street. 

With their trousers, dresses, skirts and dungarees’ carefully crafted in a northern part of India, they provide work for an impoverished community who they know, personally. They are familiar with every aspect of the business and therefore able to prevent any possible hiccoughs. Since the very start, Lucy & Yak have been able thoroughly maintain their thoughtful practice; from helping build the factory for their workers, to powering their UK offices base by 100% renewable energy, Lucy & Yak a have permitted themselves able to create a safe and happy company from the onset.

Understandably, I was overjoyed when unpeeling my bio-degradable mailing bag to find my pair of rose corduroy coloured pants. Not only were they lovingly protected with a draw-string tote bag (which is recycled btw.

All the garments on Lucy & Yak are SO versatile (I find it challenging to find a friend, family member or work colleague who wouldn't wear one of their glorious numbers..!) They are flexible enough to be worn everyday yet still unique enough to be saved for more of those special occasions too..

Admitting they are not yet perfect, the team seek to completely eradicate plastic from their production chain too(something you know will make my heart swell with happiness if you read my last edition of HHH.) ! 

Lucy & Yak aims at making beautiful clothes in a system where EVERYONE wins! So that every customer is happy, every worker is treated fairly and the environment isn't obliterated in the process.

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