'make do and mend' it, folks!

devoirs - 'homework'...pretty self explanitory

As we have now somewhat got used to our bulging wallets - taut with reciepts not cheques mind you, I thought i'd set out to make the first months' homework, beneficial and hopefully inviting.

I beacon you to pledge to save and scrimp your doe wherever cost may enlist. I suggest that in the month of January, to ask yourself before purchasing items: "Can I make this myself?"

It can be easy and simple as making your Christmas thank you cards yourself. If you are staring at the screen now and this isn't an activity your Grandmother would engage in, huddling up a bunch of friends and do this all together makes this a super fun PLUS you feel a lot less nerdy AND saves on cafe costs' too!

Or if pretending to cling onto your youth isn't your flat white, then you can make a pledge to prepare packed lunches for work or school from left overs. This is so simple and just requires a little preplanning! You can salvage dinners left overs; save food from going to waste or being thrown away and divert the contempt, plastic ridden trip to tesco.

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