Marvellous mentoring!

Have you recently found out that you are Dyslexic? Are you worried about how this will affect your life, future learning and goals?

Want to talk through coping mechnasims as a jobbing actor? or develop your performance and speaking skills?

Eager to develop more sustainable habits in your everyday and working life?


I am Lauren McCrostie; an actress, writer and sustainability activist. I am also, in the process of trialing a mentoring scheme which I would love to offer any fellow dyslexics, budding performers or aspiring sustainability folk.

Think of me as a hybrid between an older sister a counsellor and a tutor!

Through personal one-to-one sessions, we can talk through your thoughts and thinkings. I will help you set intentions and goals in your field of interest, to help you where you want to go, as well as provide support along the way, in an empowering and exciting environment.

As I test the format and style of the sessions, I am offering a limited number of FREE 20 minute sessions. If you are interested in finding out more and booking you can do so HERE

A little more info if you want it...


When I first found out I was Dyslexic I panicked. I feared that my life and learning would change dramatically, that it would seize up and shatter into pieces. If I couldn’t learn this way, how could I learn? How would I pass my exams? How should I revise? How could I revise?! Could I still read? Am I still going to be able to be an actress? What job can I do if I’m Dyslexic? What happens if I want to write something and no one can read it?

All these questions raced through my head frazzling my brain like a fried egg on tarmac in the heat of summer.

But I was lucky, I had a great support teacher who held my hand through the way. As I was doing my final year exams after my diagnosis, she went through multiple different styles of learning with me, sharing coloured glasses to mnemonics to kinaesthetic based activities. This ‘trial and error’ allowed me to find a type of learning which worked best for me. I also got someone to guide me through the whole process and experience of finding out I was Dyslexic at such a pinnacle time of my schooling life.

Through these one-to-ones my aim is to help identify with you key areas of difficulty within the Dyslexia domain. Maybe you’re anxious about exams and need some guidance around what type of studying you should approach. Perhaps your struggle to remember words and key points for important presentations. Or maybe you just want someone to talk to who understands. Whatever it may be, I am here and happy to help!

Typical language surrounding dyslexia is shameful and of lack. People with Dyslexia are dismissed and pronounced as ‘sufferers’ and sometimes with a ‘disease'. I want to help banish and dismantle this perception as it full of inaccuracies and only dismantles a Dyslexics’ self esteem.

Recognising where my Dyslexia presents itself in my life and work and learning how to work with and not against it was phenomenally empowering. Knowing this, I would love to help others, recently or not recently diagnosed, find this strength and confidence.


I am a working actress who is keen on helping other aspiring performers finding balance and the confidence to navigate within the turbulent industry. 

Through our one-to-ones I hope to offer insight and guidance into the world of stage and screen. I have developed a unique perspective and personal insight into the industry, which has led me to identify key tips, tricks and copying mechanisms to maintain a healthy, fruitful relationship with the career.

I am keen to help any aspiring creatives wanting to launch into the industry although I am open to talking to performers of all ages, too.

[Additionally, I am open to talking to anybody, in any job who is wanting to develop their public speaking skills!]


I am a passionate sustainability activist passionate about encouraging both individuals and brands to adopt more sustainable habits. Whether you are wanting to discuss sustainable fashion and find new clothing outlets to purchase from, or need tips on how to speak to your friends and family about Veganism or wanting to improve your working life and company - I would love to help!

I have experience across numerous areas within the realm of sustainability (fashion, plastic, waste, energy, design, travel..etc) so would love to work with anyone interested in reducing their carbon footprint.

I am a long time activist in this area - who is personally both committed and invested in the cause I am enthusiastic and realistic when approaching the topic. I think sustainability and ethical, mindful living is really fun and exciting. So our discussions will always be personalised, positive and productive!

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