my oh my, how is it july?!

I know. Can you - can you actually believe it?

I cant.

2019 has very well nearly finsihed.


to crack on with the things you want and wish to achieve, dear soldier. 

This year, I have tried to do a different 30-day type challenge each month. 

SOME of the things i have tried and done have been a month of..

-yoga -essay writing -play writing (#28playsin28days) -21 self tapes 

AND right now I am doing 31 days of accents..

10 accents practiced three times over the stretch of July...

hopefully, it will work to teach me techniques and tips into the performing the accent and ill improve accordingly...but HERE is hoping.

Right now, all it is showing me is how appalling I am at them..who knew a Scotmans vocals were so tricky?!

Anyway please enjoy the following favorites below...this is a short newsletter round up..but there is big news to come! 

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