My tip top tremendously good (if I do say so myself) film recommendations

If you know me well or know me in the slightest for that matter - you will be aware of my recommendations. The books, podcasts, films, tv series, comedy duos, sustainable brands and sock companies that I just CAN'T stop speaking about and singing praise about - EVEN IF YOU PAID ME. in fact, I should really get some sort of commission for every read, listen, watch and search I've prompted. If I had a penny for every single time...

....wishful thinking, eh?

Anyway! Here is my rumbucious round up of simply amazing films to lose a couple of hours in. Ive separated them into:

- Commercial crowdpleasers (the ones you'll have most likely heard of and count yourself as being good'uns)

- Silent but deadly amazing (the ones that passed you by, but are well worth a watch)

- The Spirits (like a good whisky; something that matures with age, something that gets better the more you re-experience and re-watch it)

-The Clooneys (those warm, fuzzy and cuddly movies that you could watch on repeat, are drenched in nostalgia and have aged SO well..hence Clooney...its Georges' voice, in film form)



Hot fuzz

Marriage Story

Oceans 11, 12 and 13

Home alone 1 and 2 (STOP THERE)

Get Out



The Truman show

Little Miss Sunshine

The Social Network



Erin Brockovich

SILENT BUT DEADLY [AMAZING] Eight grade Blind date (french flick on netflix)



Pain and Glory

Big Eyes Don't Think Twice

Thats Not Really Me

Three identical strangers

The Hours

Ingrid Goes West

Liberal Arts

The Fundamentals of Caring

June Bug

THE SPIRITS Mistress america Francas ha While we're young The Lobster


Pretty Women

Ferris Bueller's Day Of

THE CLOONEYS Sleepless in Seatle The Intern Stan and Laurie Julie and Julia

Bridget Jones 1, 2 and 3

Love Actually

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