number five has arrived!!

(That be number five of my newsletters!)

I hope that you are all reading this having enjoyed a lovely week so far.

Many moons have passed since the last edition and many things have happened too. On the sustainable front, I finished Lucy Siegles' latest number on plastic, which was fantastic. She clearly depicts the rubbish situation we're in (no pun intended..), in such a way which is so digestible and manageable. I have annoyingly been crowbarring facts from her pages into conversation in order to help elevate the plastic discussion more. Hashtag sorry not sorry!!

I also did my first beach clean! I was beyond excited to participate in this and couldn't quite believe how fun I found the morning of bumbling back and forth the Brighton shoreline. It was all surprisingly meditative and in addition to reading Lucys' book and my previous visit to the Horsebridge centre in Whitstable (theres more on this in the previous hhh) ...I'm eager to get my gloves on again and continue to clean the coastline! 

Lastly, as I've had a fair amount of exertions away I was able to exercise my eco-efficiently whilst travelling. Although I'm pretty adept with sustainable on-the-go life *flips hair* (cut to Lauren in coffee shop with keep cup in hand and supermarket with all the loose fruit'n'veg), I always look forward to trying how I can reduce the impact and possible waste I may create whilst venturing abroad. Each time I get to test, succeed and stumble in ways which always enlighten me. I know it seems rather hypocritical, [seeing as every single conscious, sustainable action we make is practically obliterated in a flight....] it still provokes a growth in understanding of how I can be kinder to the planet...leaving me more prepared for my next trip!

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