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Tea is one of my favourite things.

I remember the beginning of my relation with tea. It came fairly late into my life as a Brit to be fair. But now, it makes up almost my entire being. A day without tea seems a day not at all.

I think my commitment to the brew runs in my blood; my family are all villigant sippers despite their whereabouts. They are all incredibly particular about their brews  - some even refusing a cup offered to them in the fear of offending them too much. Admittedly, I am no different to these fussy folk.

It is regarded as a rather oridinary daily ritual, but you cannot deny that to make our perfect bervage is to be done with militant precision. Whether its meak, mild and milky or a floral blend with zesty notes or just your bog standard builders. Everyone has their favourite fallback and tea is a staple for all (apart from the weirdos). 

Although I am not actually a consumer of the usual english breakfast blend, I am still very much a tea drinker. My preferences fall in more herbal and spiced infusions. As I got older, my taste matured and in turn, my standards raised (Chirst, I sound awful). This was encouraged not least by the great boom of alternatives to the normal cuppa becoming available too.

A firm firm favourite of mine is pukka. I find their extensive selection of teas so inviting and know there is something to everyones fancy (from the much loved earl grey, to a cosy liquorice concoction).  Their ingredients are mostly organic and of the highest quality (which you can really taste). Being picky is not an issue as I know I can rely on them delivering a super cup of tea for me. Hear me? I CAN RELY.

In light of the whole new year/new me/fresh start etc palaver of the January/February time, I selected a 'day to night collection' 

The box has five different teas to see you throughout your day; starting with a zingy and powerful Ginseng Matcha and ending with a 'dreamy' Nighttime number.

I think my favourite is 'Turmeric Gold' which isn't to everyones taste (more for me - HA) but I think legitimately tastes like crack. But conveniently, the tea does not have said drugs' downsides. AND! the day to night collection contains 20 tea bags (4 sets of 5 blends) so even if youre too wimpish to try the Tumeric gold-ness elizar amazingness...everyone can find their preferred.

I love the fact that they use pure, ancient recipes for their teas and offer aid for a variant of ailments too. I mean..

Do you have a sore throat? pregnancy problems? stressed out? they even offer to sooth a broken heart.

PUKKA have you covered.

Last year I contacted the company and asked if their teas were recyclable (they individually wrap their tea). Although I was sad to hear they weren't currently, they reassured me that by the end of 2018 all of the tea will be produced in recyclable envelopes!


Now, this may take a bit of time to make full swing (old stock must be sold first) - so next time you visit your local independent health shop PLEASE don't go shouting at the store manager! But after years of research, Pukka have identified an alternative to use and are moving from their  previous reliance on plastic. Its so exciting to see big, successful companies like Pukka make conscious and affecting changes like this. They will be drastically reducing - if not eradicating their offload to landfil, which is a great and commendable thing. Yip yip yippee for Pukka. Lets hope many brands follow sustainable suit in 2019.  

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