refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose and recycle your plastic! (and in that order,)

devoirs - 'homework'...yes you guessed it!

Wonderful reader, your assignment this time is  to focus on how to effectively reduce your plastic use.

Peep into the belly of your household (or any generic bins), more often than not you will find that plastic is the overriding resident. No surprises here then. 


Dissect your waste further and you'll be able to look at how to improve [and remove ] your relationship with plastic. Did I need this? Is this plastic reusable? Is it recyclable? Ask yourself these questions and whatever doesn't fit in the former three categories, think how can I avoid acquiring this plastic in the future. 

A dirty coffee cup? Perhaps invest in a keep cup or keen kanteen.

Tupplewear from your Pret-a-manger lunch? Get some cute tupplewear and cutlery from elephant box to fill homemade sandwiches with or decide to buy from the office canteen. 

Packaging from shopping? Buy [predominantly]  in bulk and loose from wholesalers / markets (this also works out as much cheaper too). There is a zero waste store in London which I am yet to visit (I know! I'm embarrassed at how tardy I am here!!) called Hetu which could help you facilitate this.

Henceforth, systematically go through the FIVE R's before introducing something new into your life. Look closer at the life of a product before purchase and ask if it would be a smarter, more sustainable option to invest a little more in a more durable option...for inspiration have a peruse again over here to Singer's site.

P.S. Try THESE TIPS for more handy helping hints on how to tackle plastic pollution!

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