Sexy, sweet, simple and sustainable underwear..say wha?!? 

Sustainable practice is (and must be) a priority for all of us. And it must be integrated into every decision we make on. the. daily. We all know that - dont we? right?! If 2019 taught us anything it was that stainless steel straws are cool (John Lewis revealed a 1,573% increase in sales for the product.); Greta can drop the mic more soundly than anyone on the East or West Coast and Kimchi (repurposing and preserving old vegetables) is a real thing.

I know you expect me to continue this piece lamenting about this is a 'CLIMATE EMERGANCY' and we all need to pick up after ourselves. You are probably going to stop reading right

And I get it. I understand why you may switch off or clock out of this topic. Because if I'm hurling great, big weighty facts and figures on you, all of which seem beyond your control, it seems bit redundant doesn't it?.....a bit pointless..right?

But because this bit is so important (the fact we are in a climate emergency) - us green folk lead with that bit, consequently scaring our audience away.

I mean we've all heard it. Heard it from everyone and thing around us; eat less meat, buy without plastic, cycle instead of drive, fly less, switch energy providers.

Although this list is enormously helpful (and by the way I whole heartedly encourage you all to lose yourself in the mundanity of it- it is incredibly satisfying once you do plus incredibly beneficial to the environment too) they also all sort of sound rather adult. Rather boring. Dull, dry and drab.

Like a chore. A chore we are being told we must do.

But frankly speaking, this is wrong. Sustainability isn't boring at all. In fact, its life threateningly important. It is not dull, dry drab either. There are countless amazingly creative ethical companies cropping up left, right and centre ON THE REGS now.

Sustainability is really cool. It is cool and it is so, so sexy. It's exciting, addictive and endorphin popping.

A really easy way to start making sustainable choices in your daily lives is to look at your wardrobe. I mean heck - we all wear clothes! We can chose how to operate this arena of our life.

We can choose to buy less, buy well and buy to last. (#30wears)

We can look to take care of our clothes; to wash and tend to them dearly.

We can seek to mend, upcycle and relife our pieces; to extend the life of them

We can engage with second hand garments from charity shops or swaps

We can opt to buy from ethical outlets and companies that hold sustainability at their core.

This last one is a real inspiring one. It's an integral one for allow sustainable fashion to work, too. Plus there are just some things that you have to buy new (for me its shoes and underwear).

I get very excited when talking about my ethical under garments, because since embarking on this way of life I have found some real gems out there.

One of which is Organic Basic's.

They have an extensive range of tops, tanks tees, bottoms, briefs to suit every lifestyle and every body.

I love their simple yet wonderfully chosen shades for their collections, too. I have a baby blue Tencel set which suits me perfectly for those 'normal' and in-between days at home or bobbing about London [obviously not doing the later so much now though - our to Lockdown!]

They have an amenable price point too, which is always dandy. It manages to be fair on your wallet and fair on the makers of the pieces too.

It is also very durable and unlikely to become thin over time -especially their Tencel range as Tencel is a fabric which is typically less wrinkly than its counterpart Cotton. Tencel is also very easy to care for and washes well (do have you got a Guppy friend btw?) and it is less likely to shrink or misshape ✌🏻.

If you are in need of a new set, then have a look at their website. I DARE you to find something that you won't love. When do you do, feel free to use my discount code of: MCCROSTIEOBC

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