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choisissez n mélange - 'pick n mix' -  Somehow calling this department of the newsletter something other than 'monthly favourites', "things I've been loving" or 'weekly recommendations!' makes this seem a little less youtubey and beauty blogger-esq; but its basically the same. Also, having it in French made it seem more bearable too?!

It will be of no surprise to you then, dear reader, that one thing I have been particularly appreciating this month is the amount of discussion I am witnessing of this need to address our plastic problem.

Numerous articles, petitions and 'levies' have been released with the hopes of persuading the public to educate themselves and their respective environments. Now, this has obviously paired with its fair share of pessimics blows at the movement, questioning the point of engaging in this conscious activism and marking it as counterproductive, [ see here ] making me all..

BUT I have more faith in the public that this. For the most part, people want to help - they just also want and need it to be easy and accessible to do so. 

And all this coverage is great. Its grasping the nations attention and suggesting ways to assume our responsibility on helping initiate a war on waste in a fun and achievable fashion. Yet we will be needing more action to make a difference. The issue is so fat and mighty, sweltering with so many complications that we really need to be seeing some proper, official laws put in place. ( I would love something similar to be installed across the globe which mimics the law Kenya installed...but understand this may be a little far fetched for many of the western folks..)

I'm being a Negative Nelly here, I know. People will engage in green behaviour, (albeit as begrudgingly as a teen with showering regularly) and will more often than not opt for Jenga-stacking their weekly groceries then pay the 5p charge*. Additionally - it would be a lie to say people don't want to be of aid to the cause wholly.. But i'm hearing everyone chit chat about their "realisation on the mighty issue" and stillseeing plastic used and abused over the city; packaging parties fully occupying bins and supermarkets' bubble wrapping everything ten times over.

SO, yes - we do need a firmer hand on the subject from government, but in order to fully do this lets run with our annoyance and demand larger, fiercer levies, better recycling facilities, compulsory education in working environments (offices and schools) etc. 

AND, at the same time, an official promise to reduce the nations plastic production and consumption. 

Let us celebrate and increase the number of plastic free shops, bars, restaurants, parks, offices, stations, parks ... planets! 

* - (everytime i see this, i do a little dance of joy)

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