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Choisissez n Mélange OR 'pick n mix' -  Somehow calling this department of the newsletter something other than 'monthly favourites', "things I've been loving" or 'weekly recommendations!' makes this seem a little less youtubey and beauty blogger-esq; but its basically the same. Also, having it in French made it seem more bearable too?!

I feel its appropriate to designate the  'Choisissez n Mélange' (things I've stumbled upon and found myself besotted with) in this edition to festive themed buys. Gifts that will make the buyer, receiver and greater environment happier!

The first is something from this site or go into their pop-up store based in Central London. There is a vast selection ranging in price and necessity; effectively everyone can give something and everyone can get something. Inviting no excuses really. 

The great thing about this gift is that its amazing for all: the giver feels good in knowing they are doing something of positive influence; the receiver feels good in knowing that their gift [of Hot Food/Warm Blanket/Life Jacket] is going to someone in need; and the actual receivers' needs are being tended to and met. 

CHOOSE LOVE GIFT ( - From £3.00-£40.00

This item is not a stranger to my newsletter. If you recall back to a few editions ago, I mention this wondrous deodorant stick.  Its vegan, its plastic-and-practically-package-free, its natural, its unsex, its divine smelling (with a variant selection of scents may I add) 


BEN + ANNA DEO ( - From £8.95

Skin and Tonic are a sustainable and natural skincare company based in London who work at carefully creating products using simple and clean ingredients. They have everything from lip scrubs to coconut mud masks and everything I've been lucky enough to try has left my sensitive skin happy and supple. My favourite item from their collection is there beautiful Rose Mist; such a lovely pick-me-up or evening toner. 

Skin and Tonic ( - From £3.50

Another sustainable and chic stoking filler this year is a pair of glorious eco tights from tightspot! Over 80% of the make up of these buddies stems from recycled yarn- providing instantaneous warmth and comfort. Despite being made from 'old' materials, they are incredibly durable (no toes making appearances here!) and simply perfect for the winter time.

In the past I have found it tricky to find conscious hosiery; so was undeniably thrilled when discovering this design from Pamela Mann. Quickly impressed by the brands' efforts to try and reduce energy consumption and waste disposal, I was not disappointed after trying a pair from their collection. Give a  perfectly practical present this Christmas time, and help the environment too!

Eco Tights ( - From £8.95   !**use the discount code mccrostie10 and get 10% off** 

Men are always a little tricky to buy for. So always opt for investing in an everyday piece; something that you know they will or HAVE to use, like socks, wallets, hats or slippers.

I love this woollen hat from Patagonia (its so soft and versatile, how could you not love?) - but Finisterre and KTO have some all round crowd pleasers too.

Patagonia ( - From £30.00

BAGGU are a Californian company who broke into the industry back in 2007 with the glorious idea of designing stylish, portable (they fold down into a handbag friends, conveniently sized cube),  reusable carrier bags. By opting to purchase this item for a friend, daughter, grandmother or neighbour you are politely reminding them of the power, significance and frankly coolness of reusing.

Plus, BAGGU's fun and wild prints will bring a smile to any sane brained human, so is an easy gift to go for. 

BAGGU ( - From £6.00 via CONRAN shop

Another gift idea is something from this wonderfully brilliant condiment company. 

Rubies in the Rubble focusses on producing conserves, sauces and chutneys from food that would have otherwise been thrown away and wasted. 

Delightfully and sustainable packaged (no plastic here - whoop whoop), I am particularly bemused with the Banana Ketchup.

From a pear, fig and pork chutney to a classic Spicy Tomato - there is literally something to everyones fancy. They are mostly vegan friendly and very vogue (stocking in Waitrose; Selfridges and Harrods)

Rubies in the Rubble ( - From £3.50

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