“sustainability has been seen as brown and dull for so long…"

I had the pleasure of being invited to join Molton Brown and LOOP Manager Blandine Surry on Thursday 16th July to discuss the 'Refill Revolution'

House name Molton Brown is adored by many fellows out there and has been for quite some time. Its synonymous with luxury yet with simple yet gracious scents - making them a firm favourite for many hotels around the world.

Loop is a fantastic organisation working to change our way of shopping. LOOP is a ' ground-breaking circular shopping platform that reduces waste and single-use plastic". They provide as easy way for you to use and reuse the same bottle when repurchasing your favourite products.

Molton Brown has announced its partnership with this incredible organisation which is fantastic given their widespread influence. I'm really glad that such a big brand is getting on board with this new buying system as it ultimately helps disrupt and improve the market. It pushes other big brands with great influence to join suit and reduce their own negative impact on the environment.

Model and sustainability advocate, Arizona Muse also joined the talk, expressing excitement for the collaboration. Muse also noted that “sustainability has been seen as brown and dull for so long…" it has been stapled with a reputation of "boring" with ultimately, minimal proof. She continues , admiring that integrating more ethical behaviours and habits into her daily lives seem to reap such bountiful profit... ""my life now is so much fuller and richer since I started leading a more sustainable life”.

It seems like the introduction of LOOP to Molton Brown is one of a few measures they are taking to reduce their environmental footprint which is very encouraging to hear. Their collaboration together appears very important though given that “plastic waste is biggest issue for us" Beatrice Descorps (Global VP for Marketing at Molton Brown

Beatrice revealed that all the products at MB were vegeratirain but that their range would be "fully vegan from 2021". Beatrice also claimed that Molton Brown are planning for "carbon neautrailtiy by 2025".

I am glad to learn of their merging of powers and hope this marriage encourages more mainstream brands to take bigger, bolder and better actions in improving their sustainability behaviours.

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