tea time!

I know, I know! How criminal of me to deny you of my words. You must have missed me unbearably so over these many months, I know. Ive been ghastly, havent I?

HA!  no you have probably uttered good riddance and hope dusted the last of me off with the end of 2019. But, no. Cant say your dusted did any good.

Because I'm back!

Honestly, its been difficult for me to not hurl my natterings into a keyboard for your beedy button eyes to read. But, can you believe it..ive been busy!

Nay! The lady doth lie!

No, rather I have dear Sir.

Okay. I will now put an end to this type of talk; I dont know Maybe its through the excitment of writing this to you...

I am starting off 2019's happy helpful homework quietly with this is a little edition of the newletter. Im wanting to go through some changes this year with it and not sure how best to do so, but wanted to feed your appetite whilst Im deciding decisions et cetera...

SO! Please enjoy and sip up your tiny little telegraph, of tea-rific talk. 

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