the tremendous thaoss

sites à voir or 'sights to see' -  spots one must drag themselves too. Dedicated to sights i've seen and places i've amalgamation of various wanderings!

A sight to feast your eyes on this the [web]site THOASS (see what I did there..?)

Thaoss is brand spanking new sustainable platform designed for all of the to soon-to-be as well as completely-fully-fledged mammas out there. 

The outlet site was set up and run by a delightful and dynamic french duo in a want to provide healthy, beautiful, practical options out there for families. Items range from organic french biscuits; to elegant jewellery to adorable infant pyjamas sets. A versatile, but carefully chosen selection.

Leading with that infamous marie kondo “spark joy” phrase, the pair have curated a stock which serves real purpose and positivity to your life whilst not harming the environment [or its inhabitants] in the process of doing so. 

If you are expecting, or have are already in possession of, children, OR just fancy a sustainable peruse I urge you to give them a click and a scroll, here.

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