virtious vending machienes..

sites à voir OR 'sights to see' -  spots one must drag themselves too. Dedicated to sights i've seen and places i've amalgamation of various wanderings!

An incy bincy while ago, a new installation in London was brought to my attention. It was a vending machine which dispensed short stories upon request in canary wharf. 

Like your daily trip for coffee; you can pick a tall, venti or grande edition (either a 1, 3 or5 minute read). The variety does not stop in the length of the pieces printed though! This clever little vendor dispenses thousands of stories from new writers to literature figureheads (like Virginia Woolf, Lewis Carroll, and Charles Dickens!). 

This wonderful installation (“Short Story Stations”) is a project set up by the humble French company, Short Édition. I think it is a creative and thoughtful way to get people off of their phones and re-engaging with the world, its stories and its writers. 

Sound great, yes? But what about all that printing? all that paper?

WELL these Parisian people have ALSO committed to ensuring that all stories are areproduced on a tiny strip of paper (much like a receipt) printed onto a strip of eco-friendly paper, which is FSC certified and BPA free. 

OKAY OKAY...but the ink? cartridges?!

Na-uh, this system is 'waste-less' with no ink or cartridges being needed or therefore, thrown away. 

Short Édition have pinned several installations across the world; from universities to Hong Kong, to many over the US of A...(!!)

Though this is their first one in London.. so - If you are passing or fancy making a trip; I really urge you to! It is a fun and heart warming welcome to our city! 


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