WAIT...that's sustainable?!?!

So you all know that I've been harking on about sustainable film productions for a little while now. If you haven't (then what have you been doing?!) then play catch up here and here please!

Sustainable film and tv production is a really interesting and important topic. The industry employs hundreds of thousands across the globe and twice over consume it.

Being more ethical and mindful in our everyday choices and lives is of vital importance right now, if you dont believe me - listen to Sir David A.

I know I talk endlessly about how to be more sustainable in my newsletters.

These considerate actions need to extend into our working lives too, of course - enter scene left: the film ant tv industry.

Unethical behaviour and the entertainment industry is so intertwined its actually quite crippling. One of the issues is, is that it is not as glaringly obvious as the plastic straws in our drinks or the unrecyclability of our coffee cups or the emissions of our air travel or the poverty in our fast fashion filled wardrobes. It's not as obvious, but its must much it is actually a combination of all these things I have just mentioned.

Plastic, [over]consumption and dissposability makes up this industry. To give you perspective; I recently read this quote:

“..the red carpet alone — that’s just pure plastic underneath. And they rip it up and toss it out. Some 5,000 square feet of carpet, right in the landfill.”


Working in more positive and less harmful ways on set and behind screen is not only vital but it is POSSIBLE!

From my sheer enthusiasm over the topic and my wonderful friends at the marvellous EARTH ANGELS in NYC, I have collated a list of just SOME of the films and productions that have been made with the planet in mind. These productions have worked to reduce their carbon emissions and footprints through an assortment of creative and practical (but easy) actions...

For example Alejandro G. Inarritu's Oscar stringing success, 'THE REVENANT' "was shot nearly with 100% natural light"

'Marvellous Miss Maisel' adopted more climate friendly actions on set with the help of earth angels. Some of the green choices they made included sourcing and relying on clean energy (like renewables or solar as reducing use of it too) Another technique they used was eliminating plastic water bottles - something so simple and easy which has a hugmongously beneficial effect (Think what a crew of ~ 300 using one water bottle each per day, every day for the entirety of a shoot, does to the planet...)

CBS's 'BULL' followed many of MMM eco actions as well as adopted the use of hybrid cars to transport their cast and crew!

'Madam Secretary', which also aired on CBS reduced the need for single-use plastic (like food wrapped items) on set as well as encouraging cast and crew members to use their reusables water bottles, too!

'High Maintenance' was another of the productions under the Earth Angles' wing, lowered their energy expenditure by switching to hybrid cars using clean energy.

The protection of the planet does not mean a compromise on quality or success (with many of these being award nominees and winners *cough cough*).

No Country for Old Men” trumpeted many-a festival with green credentials. In the credits of the Coen brothers feature, it states that the film’s production was carbon neutral. I believe they secured this from purchasing carbon-offset credits from the sustainable platform Native Energy.

There many more productions which have gone about creating productions employing sustainable decisions throughout and they are becoming more increasingly accepted. There is an false belief that it is 'too costly' and 'not worth it' or 'just for show' which I say:

There will be no planet to make movies on if we do not start acting fast and protecting it!

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