when in as the romans do!

sites à voir - aka 'sights to see' -  spots one must drag themselves too. Dedicated to sights i've seen and places i've amalgamation of various wanderings!

The removal of plastic from our lives can be thrilling (yes, thrilling for eager green beans like me), but daunting. Something I found useful was surrounding myself in environments relatively plastic free, making the possibility [of a world with no plastic - omg the dream] more normal and acheivable. In light of this, I urge you to seek out plastic free places to fill your eyes, mind and heart with. A few years ago I went to Rome and bumped into this fantastic fountain within the cities centre. It allowed you to refill your water bottle with clean, cold, sparkling or still water!! AND whats even better, we don't need to wait for our holidays to use these as with all this plastic chat from ministers, there has now been one installed in London's Borough Market!!  PLUS the introduction of this handy find-your-nearest-refill app!!

The Netherlands lead the way though in practical solutions with the "World's first plastic free aisle" opening in many of its stores stores.. (you can sign a petition for other cities to follow suit here) It'd be a whopping great fib to say i'm not 100% jealous of Amsterdam-eons right now. YET all is not lost as news was released that "Lidl UK joins the likes of Tesco, Co-op, Iceland and Aldi in publicly backing a deposit return scheme for plastic containers." I just hope that this is not a way in which supermarkets hope to compete and 'one up' each Aldi also states to "scrap 5p carrier bags...and ensure all packaging on its own-label is reusable, recyclable or compostable before 2022."...though I guess i should be happy with it all being a positive motion for change. 

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