whimisical whitsable

sites à voir or 'sights to see' -  spots one must drag themselves too. Dedicated to sights i've seen and places i've amalgamation of various wanderings!

Visiting Whitstable or whitstabubble as pictured above last week was a frightful delight and encouragement. Not only was it the home to quaintness and handsome sunsets stretched over pebbled shore, but it is quite on the 'up and coming'..

The town had countless independent stores and friendly faces populating its cobbled, alley-like streets. But the most wonderful thing of all was the exhibition I discovered running at their local museum.

Residents had collected pieces of waste brought in from the sea and the museum had investigated their finds further. Pieces washed up dated back hundreds of year, giving evidence to the towns' history. 

Additionally, the community was running a strong zero waste theme ('Leave NO Trace') for their famous annual Oyster Festival. Residents were engaging with many zero waste behaviours from the exhibition and festival: helping comb their beaches cleans of plastic which spurred me on to resume action in my last few days of 'Plastic Free July'. 

'Leave NO Trace' held FOUR key aims: 

1. A pledge to reduce the carbon usage of the festival by 50% (in 7 years time) 2. Only Compostable food packaging is to be permitted. 3. No single use plastic water bottles are allowed to be used (particularly as crew of the Oyster ships will be given their own reusable ones) 4. To pick and correctly dispose of litter found at hotspot locations.

Simple, manageable and effective. Tick tick tick.

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