who gives a CRAP

bonne chose (or..) 'good thing'  - someone or something doing good. A person of praise, conscious company or beautiful-wonderful-super duper brand


..these guys do.

There are just SO many people I wish to include in this department of the newsletter this time around. But I have chosen one which encapsulates three bright, beaming and greatly gorgeous green souls in one event.

When attending an 'Evening with the lovely Lucy Siegle,' (check; one good soul) days before the release of her new book: Turning the Tide on Plastic. Budding eco enthusiasts were invited to a Q&A at the beautiful Good and Proper Tea  (strike two) store in London. 

The image above was taken in the lavorities of the beverage and brunch home. It was profoundly picturesque and riveting to me. For those of you who can't quite tell, the loo paper of the facility was 'Who Gives a Crap' (and third check).

WGAC pride themselves plastic free and rightfully so as their rolls are made of 100% recycled paper, without inks/dyes/scents or any of the other pointless nasties. ALSO those colourful cylinders of sustainable joy are then wrapped in bright, bemusing prints (wrapping paper anyone?). Lastly, the brand donates 50% - yes HALF of their profits to help build toilets for those in need. Although I haven't got at home, reviews are swelteringly positive and the company offer a complete money back guarantee if consumers are unsatisfied. Nothing bad to see here then! 

NOW, back to G&P Tea. So - toilets were clean, green and all things amazing. But the team there were keenly spreading their sustainable efforts in many other corners of their store too; putting a 'latte levy' in place/discounting reusables on drink orders; moving to vegwear (another good'un) disposable coffee cups; exercising proper use of the bin and composting systems with first mile (and another, goodness I'm good at this) and switching plastic packaging of their popular teas to  a vegetable based alternative. 

*QUE APPLAUSE for conscious coffee shop*

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