who made my clothes?

devoirs - 'homework' for us non multi-linguals..

It is of no surprise that our clothes assume a considerable portion of our time, rooms, bank statements, thoughts, time, friendships, memories and happiness. They are important to and for us. They can document special occasions, be an agent for change or even a catalyst for conversation. 

The clothing industry is a wonderful and destructive power in equal weight. Although it can create many delights in our lives, it is often at the expense of abused workers, animals and our environment. Its the second largest polluter in the world, which is something I found startling but quickly understood.It was documented that  60-75 million people are employed in the textile, clothing and footwear sector worldwide, so it is no surprise that it is a considerable polluter; think of the transport, material, electricity, carbon, water it uses. Not to mention the speed at which it is moving at - this statistic was found 4 years ago and in 2000 was at a 'mere' 20 million. The issues are major within this industry, manipulating and abusing many souls..but I glaze over them like this as i believe we must be optimists in this situation. We must transform our part of the field into positive one. 

Recognising the influence garments have on us and the earth is therefore incredibly important. It gives us the power to practice more mindful purchases; to invest in pieces which have true meaning and longevity. 

In light of this knowledge and drawing inspiration from the wonderful work of  Fashion Revolution (22nd-28th April), I urge you to delve deep into your wardrobes and find your favorite item of clothing AND QUESTION...

(for reluctant beginners..I had a go a few years ago here) YOURSELF: -why do I like this? -why and when did I buy this? -do I wear it often? -does it hold any memories?

(for those wanting a little more) THE ITEM: -where is it from? -what is it made from? -where was it made? -who made this?

(for those eager keen green beans) THE BRAND: -take a picture of you wearing your chosen piece and send a message to brands asking #WHOMADEMYCLOTHES

This hashtag from Fashion Revolution seeks at acquiring a  "greater transparency in the fashion supply chain". Something, we have a right and responsibility to do as consumers. I hope to hear of your workings in this helping to mend this matter how minute or mighty - it all plays in constructing a fairer, happier, greener, brighter, more amazing-er future.

Ta RA for now!

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