who needs a fella when you could have a pela?

bonne chose - 'good thing'  - someone or something doing good. A person of praise, conscious company or beautiful-wonderful-super duper brand

When looking closer at my own, personal reliance on plastic, the issue of storage proved as a massive hurdle which I seem to succumb to. Tupplewear boxes, travel card holders, document wallets, vegetable wrapping, envelopes etcetera etcetera.

I know. The ginger, sins. 

After reprimanding myself for quite some time, I contemplated that living 'plastic-free' is made practically nearly impossible within our current society. Weaved so deeply-almost wickedly so, into our daily lives, literally coating everything, including our possessions.

Refusing to accept complete defeat, I preserver through this polystyrene storm after recognising that a place historically held for plastic shells, was with my phone case.

Pela Case offers a sustainable, stylish alternative with its unique pieces which are entirely biodegradable. Although this is a brand I have been familiar with for a few years now, I will endlessly sing their praises. As well as having an array of colours to pick from and the perfect amount of protection for your device, they fit to many different models. I mean… there is legitimately no excuse not to get or gift this product when looking to cover a mobile. LEGITIMATELY. 

SO, there is always hope. Indeed, we have a ruthless addiction to the substance but more considerate options are birthing too. From mindful mobile casing to ethical dog leashes - there are options out there - just delve a little deeper!

Be an eager keen green bean and locate where to crowbar plastic out of your life. Assess if these voids absolutely utterly must be filled and whether you can stop your plastic reliance completely (i.e. you change from buying packaged fresh produce to buying loose). And then seek out the conscious substitute where needed. 

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